Instalaciones de superficie de los yacimientos de Aguada Toledo y Sierra Barrosa


SENER works in the sectors known as upstream (exploration and production) and midstream (distribution), which are the sectors requiring most investment within the oil industry.

In upstream, SENER develops plants to recover hydrocarbon condensates present in the natural gas that is extracted from crude oil reservoirs and natural gas deposits, both underground and underwater.

In midstream, SENER provides engineering and construction services in works related to the transportation and storage of crude oil and oil products, as well as natural gas, via either oil and gas pipelines or land transportation.


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One million hours without accidents in Oman

SENER has reached its one millionth hour without accidents on the project to modernize two petroleum plants for the largest exploration and production company of the Sultanate of Oman, and one of the world's top oil and gas firms.... [+]

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