LNG storage tanks

Tercer tanque en Bizkaia Bahia GasSENER has developed its own technology for designing and constructing both conventional and dual-containment storage tanks. In this area, it is a specialist in constructing special structures; it has developed its own technology for cryogenic LNG storage tanks and uses its own CAD/CAM/CAE software, the FORAN System, to implement them. 

One such project that is particularity noteworthy is the work performed by SENER in extending the BBG, where it was the sole contractor responsible for the complete design, procurement management, construction and commissioning of the tank, which has a 150,000 m3 storage capacity. In fact, this was the first tank in Spain to be constructed pursuant to the EN 1473 and EN 14620 European quality standards. In this project, SENER used its FORAN system to perform the detailed engineering for the tank.



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