SENER is world leader in thermosolar power based on number of projects carried out as well as technological ability and innovation. It has completed over 29 plants spread throughout Spain, South Africa, Morocco, and the United States, totaling over 2,000 MWe of installed capacity and saving over a million tons of CO2 per year. Among them, SENER is part of the EPC building consortium of the Solar Complex NOORo, in Ouarzazate - Morocco, the largest on the planet. SENER carries out the three phases of the solar thermal project NOORo (NOORo I, NOORo NOORo II and III).

SENER's history in solar power goes back to the 1980s, giving it a considerable technological advantage over its competitors. It has started up pioneering plants such as Andasol, the first thermosolar plant to incorporate a molten salt heat storage system, and Gemasolar, the world’s first commercially operating central tower receiver plant with this same molten salt system and the first to produce electricity for 24 hours continuously using just solar power. 

Planta termosolar NOORo I en Ouarzazate (Marruecos)As a result of this long history, SENER has been able to develop the most advanced technologies:

  • heat storage, which allows plants to continue producing power in the absence of solar radiation;
  • increased thermoelectric efficiency, with the development of central tower with molten salt receiver technology;
  • SENSOL electricity production simulation and projection software;
  • the SENERtrough®  parabolic trough and its second version, SENERtrough®-2;
  • heliostat actuators;
  • heliostat control system. 

SENER contributes with its experience in solar plants, both in parabolic trough configuration and in central tower with heliostat field configuration. Both technologies can incorporate a molten salt heat storage system, which makes it possible to continue operating in the absence of solar radiation (at night or during cloudy weather). Thanks to this storage capacity, a clean source of energy such as solar energy can become manageable, and capable of responding to the grid’s demand.

Parabolic trough technology

Captadores cilindroparabólicos SENERTrough en las plantas Valle 1 y Valle 2Parabolic trough technology consists of a series of parabolic mirrors arranged in horizontal rows that concentrate solar radiation in a central tube containing thermal oil. The hot oil is used to vaporize water, which, channeled to a steam turbine, drives a generator that injects electrical energy into the grid. Likewise, the excess power is used to heat molten salts and thus store the heat to continue to produce electricity at times of low solar radiation or at night.

SENER has completed 28 projects for plants of this kind and has developed its own trough system, SENERtrough®.


La Africana, parabolic trough plant 50MWe

La Africana is a power generation plant of 50 MW located in Posadas, Córdoba, Spain. The technology of the plant is parabolic through collectors. The owner is MAGTEL - TSK - ORTIZ. SENER is responsible for the solar field collectors engineering, su... [+]

Casablanca, parabolic trough plant 50 MWe

Power generation plant of 50 MW located in Talarrubias, Badajoz, Spain. The technology of the plant is parabolic through collectors. The owner is COBRA Systems y Reds (ACS). SENER is the EPC risk sharing partner and responsible for the complete desi... [+]

Valle 1 and Valle 2 parabolic through plants

Valle 1 and Valle 2 parabolic trough plants, San José del Valle, Cádiz, Spain. Valle 1 and Valle 2 are two adjacent 50 MW plants of electrical energy generation with similar characteristics located in San José del Valle (Cadiz, Spain). The techn... [+]

Parabolic trough plant NOORo I

Download NOORo I fact sheet Parabolic trough plant NOORo I, Ouarzazate, Morocco. SENER, ACCIONA and TSK make up the construction consortium with the turnkey contract, or EPC, for NOORo I, a high-efficiency modern power station. With 160 MWe of ... [+]

Parabolic trough plant NOORo II

Download NOORo II fact sheet Parabolic trough plant NOORo II, Ouarzazate, Moroco. Following NOORo I, SENER is now beginning the works on NOORo II, which is rated at 200 MWe and has molten salts storage capacity, and in which SENER’s second ... [+]

Parabolic trough plant Kathu

Parabolic trough plant Kathu, South Africa. Project data: Technology: Parabolic trough collector, SENERTrough2®. Generation capacity: 100 Mwe net power. Thermal storage capacity: 1,550 MWth. Number of loops: 250. Main cooling method: Air coo... [+]

Parabolic trough plant Ilanga 1

Parabolic trough plant  Ilanga 1, Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa. Project data: Total mirror surface: 869,800 m2. Number of SCA/loops: 1,064/266 (SENERtrough®) Field surface area: 335 Ha. Nominal solar field thermal output: 463.7 MWt.... [+]

Central tower technology

Planta termosolar GemasolarSENER designed and built through to its start-up Gemasolar, the first utility scale power plant based on concentrated solar energy with central tower receiver technology and a molten salt storage system.

Thanks to its configuration, Gemasolar can continue to produce electricity for 15 hours without any sun, and therefore it is significantly more efficient than other thermosolar plants that are currently in commercial operation.

After the success of the Gemasolar plant, SENER has taken on the new challenge of designing and building the next generation of central tower plants, with 150 MWe capacity.


Central receiver plant NOORo III

Download NOORo III fact sheet Central receiver plant NOORo III, Ouarzazate, Moroco. Following NOORo I, SENER is now beginning the works on NOORo II, which is rated at 200 MWe and has molten salts storage capacity, and in which SENER’s secon... [+]


SENER has been working on a costoptimized heliostat, an innovation funded by the EEA Grants Program through the Spanish Center for the Development of Industrial Technology CDTI. HELIOCOST plans to design, manufacture and install a heliostat p... [+]

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