LNG regasification terminals

Terminal de Gas Natural Licuado en Dunkerque (Francia)SENER completed its first turnkey project for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and regasification terminal in 2003. Since then, SENER has racked up significant experience and knowledge of these types of project, which are characterized by their complexity and scale.

SENER currently has the capacity and resources to develop a complete EPC project in the three areas that make up this type of terminal: the marine works or jetty, the processing plant, and the storage tanks. If necessary, it can also integrate them with combined cycle electrical power plants. In fact, the thermal integration of the processes involved is one of SENER’s main added values.

To date, SENER has constructed eight terminals of this type, half of which were turnkey projects, including BBG in Spain, Gate terminal in Holland, Dunkerque in France, Zeebrugge in Belgium, and Jaigarh in India.

Gate terminal, located in Maasvlakte, in Rotterdam’s Europort, is especially worthy of mention as it is one of Europe’s largest gas projects and has received several international awards. In this project, SENER participated in the management, purchasing, and construction, and was in charge of supervising the project’s execution and commissioning, in addition to performing its engineering.



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