Moroccan Railways Northern lines - Studies on the upgrade for the signaling

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Catenary in Morocco
Catenary in Morocco
  • Client: Office National de Chemins de Fer du Maroc - ONCF (Moroccan Railways)
  • Country: Morocco
  • Start date: 2011
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Signaling upgrade studies for the Moroccan Railways Northern lines, in Morocco.

The project includes the studies on the upgrade for the signaling of three railway lines in Morocco: Tanger – Sidi Kacem, Tanger – Ras Rmel and Sidi Yahya – Bel Ksiri. These three lines have a total accumulated length of 265 km and have 22 passenger stations. The project will develop all necessary studies allowing ONCF to make strategic pertinent decisions in order to increase the railway lines technical capacity and safety.

The Project is divided into 5 stages that will allow the defi nition of possible scenarios, the technical development of the adopted solution, the preparation of the tender documents for systems and civil works and the technical support during the construction stage.

  • Stage 1. Evolution Study for signaling installations.
  • Stage 2. Elaboration of signaling programmes.
  • Stage 3. Elaboration of signaling technical plans.
  • Stage 4. Elaboration of technical specifi cations and tender documents.
  • Stage 5. Technical Assistance during construction.

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