A Japanese delegation visits the Gemasolar plant

19/09/2017 (Spain)
A Japanese delegation visits the Gemasolar plant

Members of a state energy delegation from Japan visited the Gemasolar thermosolar plant, which features technology developed by SENER, a company which owns 60% shares in the plant through the company Torresol Energy.

The Japanese delegation, formed by members of the House of Councilors and led by Masashi Mizukami, the Japanese Ambassador in Spain, took an interest in the advanced technology used in this power plant with its central tower receiver, and listened attentively to the explanations of the Gemasolar technical team and Diego Ramírez, CEO of Torresol Energy.

Gemasolar is the first commercial scale power plant in the world to feature solar power tower technology and a molten salt heat storage system.

World leader in solar thermal energy

SENER has participated in  29 solar thermal projects in South Africa, Morocco, Spain and USA representing more than 2,000 MWe installed or under construction, and saving over 5,300,000 CO2 tons per year. SENER has unparalleled know-how when it comes to further improving the main components of facilities, from the solar field to the central tower receiver.

SENER has also pioneered the application of technological solutions for central tower and heliostat plants such as the high concentration receiver system and high-temperature molten-salt storage system. In central tower plants, the same configuration as that successfully applied by SENER at Gemasolar (Spain) and now, currently under construction, in NOORo III (Morocco).

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